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The Arcade Castle Podcast 
Episode 03:
Age of Mythology

During the sweltering summer days of July, Arcade Castle tried to escape the heat and humidity by escaping to the...identical climes of the Mediterranean. Failing to escape the weather, they decided to find out which ancient civilization of the old world was the dominant superpower and, since Arcade Castle has as of yet to finish their time machine, tried to determine the answer with a board game. Age of Mythology: The Board Game is an adaptation of the Real Time Strategy video game of the same name. Players choose between the Egyptians, Norse, and Greek civilizations to do exciting things like Explore! Trade! and Gather!
As players amass resources they can choose to militarize their civilization or become an economic powerhouse. Does this game reward players for turning their civilization into a trade hub? Or, does it reward them for become a military force to be reckoned with?
In Episode 3, Arcade Castle examines the first of many attempts by developers to capture a Real Time Strategy video game in a board game. With computers handing many of the multi-tasking details of a typical Real Time Strategy skirmish between players, can this board game handle translating these fine details into game rules and mechanics? How does Age of Mythology solve the problem that faces all Real Time Strategy Board Games: How can you create a board game to imitate the 'real time' nature of the video game genre? 

               Directly Download Episode 03 Here!
Episode Outline:

00:00-05:00: Podcast Updates and Show News.

05:00-17:00: Discussing Real Time Strategy Video Games, the history of the genre, as well as some of the foundational mechanics that typify the genre.

17:00-30:00: Examining the components, rules, and gameplay of the Age of Mythology: The Board Game.

30:00-50:00: Comparing Age of Mythology to the Real Time Strategy genre at large. How does it compare? Discussing our final thoughts on the board game as well as potential fixes for some of the issues we encountered during gameplay.

50:00-66:00: Breakdown Discussion: Is it possible to accurately create a 'Real Time Strategy' boardgame? What would one have to do to capture the frenzy and multitasking the genre embodies?
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