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Arcade Castle Podcast - Episode 20 - Dragon's Lair

In Episode 20 of the Arcade Castle Podcast, John and Patrick find themselves at the very doorstep of the DRAGON'S LAIR! (Due in large part to the autonavigation's inability to differentiate between ancient crumbling castles....must be a CAPTCHA thing...) Passing on traversing the treacherous rooms and levels of the Dragon's Lair, Arcade Castle instead peeks into the nearby DRAGON'S STORAGE SHED! Inside the storage shed, they find piles of Dragon's Lair merchandise that Singe has hoarded over the years, including the Dragon's Lair Board game from 1984!

In this episode of the podcast, Arcade Castle looks at the landmark arcade cabinet that is Dragon's Lair, talk about the history of the arcade game, its development, what made it so unique when compared to contemporaneous releases in 1983, and how it performed during the North American video game crash, and more!

Additionally, we look at the Dragon's Lair board game, and compare the rules and gameplay that govern it and compare it to how the Dragon's Lair arcade cabinet operates during play. Can you take a video game that utilized laserdisc technology, and operated primarily on puzzle/quick time elements to drive gameplay, and turn that into a board game? Are the videogame strategies mirrored in the board game? Are there strategies in the video game?

To find out this, and more, check out Episode 20 of the Arcade Castle Podcast!

Click Below To Listen To Episode 20!

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Episode Outline:

00:00 - 25:00 - Arcade Castle talks about the history, and significance of Dragon's Lair, as well as its cultural impact. They talk about laserdiscs, the video game crash, Don Bluth, and more!

25:00 - 45:00 - Arcade Castle looks at the Dragon's Lair board game, how it operates, and the strategies you bring to the table when playing it. They compare it to the digital source material it sprung from and how well it adapts this revolutionary game to cardboard and plastic. They then talk about what, if any, improvements can be brought to the table, and how they envision a Dragon's Lair board game would operate if they created one.

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